Recommended Book List: Middle Grades

The previous page, Recommended Book List: Lower Grades, provided a curated list of reading materials suggested for students in lower grades, K-3rd. Today’s post highlights books for the middle grades, 3rd-8th. Oftentimes, helping engage middle grade readers is as simple as selecting entertaining subjects and attractive formats. For students with dyslexia, however, the road to becoming stronger and more independent readers is not as easy. At Redwood we are working hard to provide access to books that match the reading levels of the students. As they become better and better at decoding the words on the page, the stories and information presented will become more and more alive in their minds.

Unlike many of the books recommended for the lower grades, the books here fall into a wide range of subjects and depths. Some books are carefree and humorous; others touch on the themes of war, mental illness, death, divorce, and incarceration. The middle grade years are pivotal in a child’s development. As responsible adults, let these books serve as opportunities to learn and engage along with the young readers in your life. Tackle the hard questions, laugh at the punchlines, weep with the grieved, and applaud with the victors.

As before, the books are listed in order according to their Lexile numbers (the most common leveling used by library catalogs and online retailers). The records also include their corresponding Fountas & Pinnell letters and the general subject categorization. As you dig deeper and discover your child’s favorite books and authors, refer to the Reading A-Z correlation chart to switch between leveling systems. Enjoy, and happy reading!

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