Recommended Book List: Upper Grades

The previous page, Recommended Book List: Middle Grades, was a list of reading materials suggested for students in middle grades, 3rd-8th. This final list in the series provides suggested books for the upper grades, 7th-12th. In most libraries and booksellers this age is called Young Adult, and is distinctly separate from the children’s section. While the reading levels on this upper grade list are not that different from those on the middle grade list, you will find that the subject matter is more mature. Depending on a student’s reading level and interests, some young adults have already begun reading books in the main adult collection. The books on this list, however, have been selected because many fall into a unique category we call high/low.

High/low refers to books that are high interest and low readability. These are books that often won’t overwhelm students reading below their grade level, but will provide engaging stories and content. This is a perfect solution for students with dyslexia, and great resource to keep in mind as your Redwood students grow in both age and reading ability.

Below you will find fiction and nonfiction books that fall into a wide range of subjects and formats. As we mentioned in the Middle Grade Book List, some of these topics can be heavier than others. Use these as opportunities to talk with the young adults in your life about what they are reading and how it relates to the world around them. As you laugh at witty dialogue, wonder at hard questions, cheer on the champions, and grieve the oppressed, look back at how far your child has advanced as a confident reader. We are so proud of you!

And finally, a note about the leveling: as before, the books are listed in order according to their Lexile numbers (the most common leveling used by library catalogs and online retailers). The Lexile numbers with HL denote High/Low books. The records also include their corresponding Fountas & Pinnell letters and the general subject categorization. As you dig deeper and discover your child’s favorite books and authors, refer to the Reading A-Z correlation chart to switch between leveling systems. Enjoy, and happy reading!

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