High Frequency Words: Get the biggest bang for your buck!

Did you know that the ten most common words in the written English language make up 25% of all written text? It’s kind of crazy to think about. But it’s a huge win when you have a student struggling to learn how to decode. If we can teach them to automatically recognize these ten words, bingo! We’ve already greatly reduced their energy needed to access 25% of all the words they see on a page!

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My Child Was Just Diagnosed with Dyslexia---What Do I Do?

You just finished the not-so-simple evaluation process and received documentation that validates the concerns you've probably carried for awhile---your child has dyslexia. 

So...now what?

Most psych reports will include a recommendation section, but sometimes it's hard to understand the jargon and really get a handle on what your most important next steps should be. Here are a few tips I've learned from watching many parents walk this journey.

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