Introducing STEM Fridays!

We are excited to introduce STEM Fridays for 2019-2020 Redwood Day School students! 

Each Friday, Redwood Day students will engage in a hands-on STEM project by working together to solve science, technology, engineering and math problems though our new Science Career Adventures curriculum.  This unique program focuses on careers so students can understand how the concepts they learn in school relate to the real world. After problem- solving in one of these NGSS aligned lessons, students will take a field trip to see how each topic connects to real life. Check out the guide below to view some of the career adventures students will go on this year.

Research indicates that kids with a dyslexic processing style work in different ways and excel at different tasks than nondyslexic students. Dyslexic strengths often include material reasoning, interconnected reasoning, narrative reasoning, and/or dynamic reasoning, all of which are typically utilized in the STEM careers we will explore in STEM Fridays this year. 

Our goal is to give our future leaders a broad and scientifically-based view of the world around them and to motivate students to use their gifts and interests towards a career they love in the future. We can’t wait to teach science, technology, engineering, and math concepts through this amazing career-infused learning program!

Becky Sinclair