Redwood GROW

Redwood GROW is a non-profit born out of a desire to see research-based, structured reading intervention brought to children across the city of Chicago for FREE. How can this be accomplished? By certifying those who are already providing education to students every day, regardless of economic standing: Chicago Public School teachers! By equipping these incredible individuals with incredible literacy intervention tools, children with dyslexia and other literacy-based learning struggles can receive the intervention they need during their school day, for FREE.

Our long-term vision:

1) Every Chicago Public School has a team of certified Dyslexia Practitioners to work with the 20% of their students who need an Orton-Gillingham-based reading intervention.

2) Teacher Prep Programs in Chicago will include certification in a multi-sensory program as a part of their coursework.


Certification & Curriculum Costs

Redwood GROW will cover the costs for selected teachers to attend an introductory 3-day Wilson Reading System training and the year-long practicum to become certified Dyslexia Practitioners.

We will also provide Wilson Reading System curriculum for each participating teacher and his or her caseload.


Coaching & Support

Redwood GROW provides year-long coaching and support to participating administrators and teacher teams for implementing intervention most effectively in their current schedule and structure.



In order to realize our ultimate vision, we need to convince decision makers to invest in research-based, structured literacy interventions. Our best approach to do so is by providing compelling hard facts. Data.

We need years of data to show how effective these programs are for students with literacy-based learning struggles.

Thus, CPS teachers who go through our program will be offered a $1000 stipend each year, for up to three years, when they submit End-Of-Year student progress data. For something teachers already collect anyway, this is a great incentive to send it our way!