There is a literacy crisis across the city of Chicago and we want to make a change. Will you join us?


According to the Illinois State Board of Education’s report card in 2016, 2 out of every 3 third graders across the city of Chicago are failing to meet and exceed reading standards.

We want to make a change.

Chicago Public Schools is experiencing a literacy crisis with disheartening implications for the social and economic development of our city and the future of our children. Research shows a distinct connection between the stresses of poverty and reading ability. Therefore, Redwood GROW wants to empower teachers in our public schools with the skills and training necessary to meet the learning needs of our youth. We want to be a part of bridging the gap and we need you to join us.


We firmly believe the research-based and highly effective Orton-Gillingham approach, historically limited to communities of affluence, can be adapted to the realities of the Chicago Public School environment, making it accessible to all students, regardless of geographical limitations or socio-economic demographic. Using the Wilson Reading System as our primary intervention curriculum and providing opportunities for teachers to undergo their rigorous, year-long certification process, we ensure the continuous improvement of growth in student literacy.


Our Goal

Redwood GROW is a non-profit born out of a desire to see research-based, structured reading intervention brought to children across the city of Chicago for FREE. How can this be accomplished? By certifying those who are already providing education to students every day, regardless of economic standing: Chicago Public School teachers! By equipping these incredible individuals with incredible literacy intervention tools, children with dyslexia and other literacy-based learning struggles can receive the intervention they need during their school day, for FREE.


redwood grow’s long-term vision

Every Chicago Public School has a team of certified Dyslexia Practitioners to work with the 20% of their students who need an Orton-Gillingham-based reading intervention. Students who need this intervention can receive it with fidelity, regardless of geography or income level.

Our vision for the 2019-2020 school year

Certify two teacher teams in the Rogers Park neighborhood, one at the elementary level and one at the high school level. It is estimated that at least 100 students will be impacted by these teacher teams at each school, so approximately 200 students next year alone!



Teacher Training

Redwood GROW will cover the costs for selected teachers to become certified as Dyslexia Practitioners. This includes the 3-day Wilson Introductory Course, curriculum kits for their classroom, the Level I Practicum and Online Course.

Additionally, we have space in our first Redwood-hosted 3-day Wilson Introductory Course for CPS teachers and parents. It will happen August 21-23 @ our Rogers Park location, 9 am until 4 pm. It only costs $250 for CPS teachers and $500 for parents. Space is limited so sign up today!


Redwood GROW provides year-long coaching and support to participating administrators and teacher teams for implementing intervention most effectively within their current schedule and structure.


We need data to show how effective these programs are for students with literacy-based learning struggles. Thus, CPS teachers who go through our program will be offered a $1000 stipend each year, for up to three years, when they submit End-Of-Year student progress data. For something teachers already collect anyway, this is a great incentive to send it our way!

Referral to Intensive Intervention

Redwood GROW is a sister organization to Redwood Literacy and Redwood Day School, whose mission is to provide affordable after-school, summer camp, and full-day options for individuals who need intensive structured literacy intervention. If students receiving services at their school need a more intensive dose, our teachers will help families connect with Redwood Literacy or other certified Dyslexia Practitioners around the city.


Our Story

With experience in Chicago Public Schools and long-time educators, Kait & Becky have witnessed student after student in their classrooms who needed more support and intervention than they were able to provide during the school day in classrooms of 30+ students. Redwood is for these thousands of Chicago students who desperately need focused and individualized literacy intervention in order to reach their full potential as learners and contributors to our world.

Current Partner Schools

  1. Phillip Rogers Elementary School (Chicago Public Schools)

  2. Chicago Bulls College Prep (Noble Charter School Network)

  3. Baker College Prep (Noble Charter School Network)

  4. DRW College Prep (Noble Charter School Network)

  5. Mansueto College Prep (Noble Charter School Network)

  6. Noble Academy (Noble Charter School Network)

  7. Rowe-Clark Math and Science Academy (Noble Charter School Network)

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If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to be a part of this amazing initiative, please reach out to OR give Kait a call at 312-813-5141.

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