“As soon as a redwood is cut down or burned, it sends up a crowd of eager, hopeful shoots, which, if allowed to grow, would in a few decades attain a height of a hundred feet, and the strongest of them would finally become giants as great as the original tree.” 

- John Muir


Reading Intervention

Recent studies now indicate that nearly 1 in 5 individuals struggle with dyslexia.

According to the International Dyslexia Association, dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is neurobiological in origin. It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities.

We are certified Dyslexia Practitioners and Wilson Teachers who have experience supporting learners with varying age-ranges, ability-levels and backgrounds. 

We implement research-based methods and provide individualized instruction to build phonemic awareness, automatic word recognition, fluency, comprehension, reading stamina, spelling accuracy, and confidence for learners of all ages.

To learn more about what Dyslexia is, please see The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity.

For more information on the Wilson method, please see Wilson Reading System.

Executive Functioning

Success in school is not only about the intellectual comprehension needed to complete academic work. Thriving students require skills like self-regulation and working memory to manage their time effectively, stay organized, break large assignments into feasible chunks, fight anxiety around deadlines, and find individualized systems that work well with their learning style and personality. These are referred to as executive functioning skills, and serve learners not only in their education, but throughout the rest of their lives.

We offer individualized executive functioning support to learners of all ages. Whether you are transitioning from elementary school to high school or from one professional job to another, we will work with you and for you to come up with strategies and systems you can independently use to not only stay on track, but thrive in your new environment. 

For more information on Executive Functioning, see Harvard’s Executive Functioning and Self Regulation.

Comprehension Intensives

For students who struggle to understand what they are reading even when their decoding is on point, we offer comprehension intensives to improve visualization and retelling skills. Equipping them with concrete strategies, we practice over and over, building up the movie playing along in their head as they read. Kait is also trained in Visualizing & Verbalizing by Lindamood-Bell for those who are looking for this specific approach.

Writing Coach


We are experienced in a wide variety of writing-based instruction and offer coaching that provides learners with the specific supports and strategies they need to become effective, confident, and independent written communicators across environments. Specific coaching tracks include:

  • Contextualized guidance in a current writing class

  • Grammar development

  • Literary devices

  • Creative writing

  • Research writing

  • Argumentative writing

  • Text-based and inferential response writing

  • Responding to standardized test prompts

  • College application essays

  • Voice-to-Text Technology

  • SQ Write Instruction

Standardized Test Prep

Standardized tests are the norm at almost every stage of one’s education. We offer literacy-based standardized test prep for a variety of ages (eg: MAP, ACT, SAT). We address test taking skills such as question interpretation, time utilization, verbal reasoning, and test anxiety.

Math Intervention

We use a combination of JUMP Math and The Landmark School's resources to fill in individualized mathematical concept gaps. After several baseline assessments to determine skill levels and gaps, each student will receive a semester by semester scope and sequence of needed skills and explicit, multi-sensory instruction around each skill.


Navigating the territory of a new diagnosis or the evaluation process can be overwhelming and confusing. Or maybe you have a feeling something is extra tricky around reading and writing for you or your child and want help figuring out what it is. We offer one-time consultations or a series of sessions to help you assess literacy skills, understand a given diagnosis and/or think through intervention options. The initial consultation costs $150. Don't go it alone if you don't have too. Though an additional upfront cost, investing both time and money in a consultation can save you thousands of dollars and wasted hours in the long run.

Assistive Technology Courses

We live in a day and age when assistive technology can save time and reduce frustration like never before. We offer both one-time intensives or multiple-week courses introducing students of all ages to assistive technology tips and tricks. During these courses, students will explore and grow comfortable using a handful of free and easily attainable assistive tech resources and procedures for reading and writing digitally.

Virtual Sessions

For students who need structured literacy-based intervention but are unable to find a certified or affordable instructor in their area, we offer long-distance sessions at a reduced rate. Please reach out for specific pricing and services offered.