Reading and Writing Intervention for Individuals with Dyslexia in Chicagoland

Every learning journey is different.  We are excited to help you on yours.


See what we offer any student who has dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia or general learning struggles.


Reading Intervention

We are certified Dyslexia Practitioners and Wilson Teachers, and have experience supporting learners with varying age-ranges, ability-levels and backgrounds.

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Executive Functioning

Success in school is not only about the intellectual comprehension needed to complete academic work. Thriving students require skills like self-regulation and working memory.

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Writing Coaching

We are experienced in a wide variety of writing-based instruction and offer coaching that provides learners with the specific supports and strategies they need to become effective, confident, and independent written communicators.

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Standardized Test Prep

Standardized tests are the norm at almost every stage of one’s education. We offer literacy-based standardized test prep for a variety of ages (eg: MAP, ACT, SAT).

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Who We Are.

While we are certified practitioners and proudly claim this as part of our identities, we are also parents to three young children and owners of this small Chicago-based business.  With this, we understand the urgency to give our own children the very best we can while balancing all of life's various resource considerations. 

At Redwood Literacy, we are committed to giving you or your child the highest quality intervention with a price point that is accessible to diverse income levels. Thank you for checking us out and considering us as partners in your literacy journey. 


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