Our Mission

At Redwood Literacy, we are committed to offering research-based reading, writing and math intervention at an accessible price point for people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. With a unique small-group setting that capitalizes on the positive social dynamic of collaborative learning, Redwood Literacy is able to offer rates that are up to 50% less than competitors while still providing high-quality, individualized instruction.


Kait Feriante —

Dyslexia Practitioner

Kait is a certified Learning Behavior Specialist and Dyslexia Practitioner. She has worked in a variety of public, charter, and private school settings for the past 10 years and has supported diverse learners ages 5-55 in their literacy and self-advocacy journeys. She is committed to using an individualized approach with every client, developing a solid understanding of target areas, setting measurable goals, and teaching self-monitoring strategies in order to close gaps, overcome obstacles, and master skills. She incorporates technology and best practice into every session, connecting students with a variety of support resources that enable them to reach their full potential.


  • Learning Behavior Specialist

  • Certified Wilson Teacher

  • Trained in Visualizing & Verbalizing


Andre Feriante —

Dyslexia PractiTIoner

Andre is a certified Social Studies teacher and Dyslexia Practitioner with teaching experience in both junior high and high school English and History. He has his Masters in Education, and although he has and continues to work with elementary students, he specializes in young adults and working professionals. Andre's laid back demeanor encourages reluctant readers and writers to feel confident and safe to reach their full potential.


  • Writing Coach

  • Certified Wilson Teacher


Hillari Hoerschelman —

Dyslexia PractiTIoner IN TRAINING

Hillari is a certified Social Studies teacher and is currently completing her certification to become a Wilson Teacher. In addition to having her Masters of Arts in Teaching, she has seven years of combined experience teaching middle and high school reading and writing as well as three years of experience coaching new teachers in all grades and subject areas. Hillari has a deep knowledge of teaching writing to students at all ability levels, specializing in grammar, sentence formation, and idea development. She loves coaching students to discover their unique voices and is skilled in meeting students where they're at in order to unlock their writing potential. 


  • Writing Coach

  • Certified Wilson Teacher Intern


Jordan Horst —

Administration coordinator & Instructional assistant

Jordan has received a Bachelors of Arts in Applied Linguistics. As an intern with the Summer Institute of Linguistics, she recently helped develop literacy materials for minority languages in Tanzania. She has over five years of experience teaching kids in formal and informal settings. She loves children and is passionate about seeing them excel emotionally, and academically.