My Child Was Just Diagnosed with Dyslexia---What Do I Do?

You just finished the not-so-simple evaluation process and received documentation that validates the concerns you've probably carried for awhile---your child has dyslexia. what?

Most psych reports will include a recommendation section, but sometimes it's hard to understand the jargon and really get a handle on what your most important next steps should be. Here are a few tips I've learned from watching many parents walk this journey.

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Sponsor a Student!

It's a gorgeous day in Chicago and we just sent out our first five FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP acceptance emails for our Morning Intensive Summer Camp!
These scholarships will enable students from across the city of Chicago who have demonstrated both significant academic and financial need to receive 60 instructional hours of structured literacy intervention from experts in the field.
If you can't tell, we are pretty excited about it.

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