Introducing Redwood GROW, our non-profit side...

Redwood GROW is a non-profit born out a desire to see research-based, structured reading intervention brought to children across the city of Chicago for FREE. How can this be accomplished? By certifying those who are already providing education to students every day, regardless of economic standing: Chicago Public School teachers! By equipping these incredible individuals with incredible literacy intervention tools, children with dyslexia and other literacy-based learning struggles can receive the intervention they need during their school day, for FREE.

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Recommended Book List: Upper Grades

The previous post, Recommended Book List: Middle Grades, was a list of reading materials suggested for students in middle grades, 3rd-8th. This final list in the series provides suggested books for the upper grades, 7th-12th. In most libraries and booksellers this age is called Young Adult, and is distinctly separate from the children’s section. While the reading levels on this upper grade list are not that different from those on the middle grade list, you will find that the subject matter is more mature. Depending on a student’s reading level and interests, some young adults have already begun reading books in the main adult collection. The books on this list, however, have been selected because many fall into a unique category we call high/low.

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